Our stock


We are experienced in crossing to every manufacturer. When a long lead time is unacceptable or on an obsolescence issue, we will provide the best solution. We deal with thousands of suppliers, and millions of components worldwide in order to broaden your supply base and save you time and money. We will simplify your procurement process from a single part to your entire "Bill of Materials". We Provide excellent visibility of available inventory from around the globe, and support customers with lower cost alternatives to traditional franchise supply. If we have it in domestic stock and you need it yesterday, we will find a way to get it there!


Quality control 


We ensure the quality of our inventory before a part even reaches our  warehouse through a strict
qualification process. That allows us to create a secure supply chain consisting of more than 200 agents
and oem .

  •     Visual inspection
  •     Decapsulation Analysis 
  •     Electrical Test & IC Programming 
  •     RoHS Compliance Testing